Canlead - A Decentralised Job Opportunity Sharing Platform

It's a fun way to earn with friends, it's an opportunity to build a smart future. Get into the CAND Token ecosystem and invite your...

It's a fun way to earn with friends, it's an opportunity to build a smart future. Get into the CAND Token ecosystem and invite your friends.

Although blockchain technology is not widely adopted due to various regulations. But still, it truly offers several advantages for the real-world economy including security and transparency. By taking these opportunities "Canlead Ltd" - a UK based startup developing a leading sharing economy platform through Web 3.0 application.

What is Canlead?

Canlead is a UK based company focusing to build a web 3.0 platform to create opportunities for sharing economy through a decentralized ecosystem. It aims to incentivize people who contribute to the project anyway. Also, it reshaping the social media monetization by adding better-earning opportunities, cutting off of unnecessary advertising funds, and directly connecting people and business when needed either to hire a freelancer or find a full-time job. Additionally, Canlead issuing CAND token as a native currency in the ecosystem and it helps reducing transaction costs and cross-border payment barriers.

CAND Token

CAND is a utility token built on the Ethereum network empowering the Canlead platform. It used for fund transfer, payment, and incentives. The platform would be worthless without the CAND Token. The token can be earned (mined) by offering opportunities. Here the word "opportunity" refers to service, job, product, etc. The CAND token will be started soon through IEO model. Also, it achieved a high rating in top ICO listing sites. Keep visiting official social channels to be informed.

How Does Canlead Works?

Canlead wants to become the Airbnb of the social referral system. It incentivizes people for posting job opportunities, product items, and service opportunities. It's more like the Airbnb business model which is a full-proof successful business. It connects hosts (who has open opportunities) with candidates or users (who needs to take the service). This can be established through a direct post or via one or more referrals. Users who post such opportunity on the platform get rewards in CAND token for successful referrals. Additionally, discovering unique opportunities in one simple platform made searching for the desired thing even easier for both individuals and businesses. Also, everyone can participate in the sharing economy and earn from the ecosystem. Let's visualize sharing economy, here is how the Canlead works.

The Canlead Revolution

Due to continued development in technology, most industries require dynamic workforces to ensure the sustainability of the turnover. Therefore recruiting talented employees is vital to success. But the question is, who can ensure that you're selecting the correct person? This is why the Canlead reinventing the human resources industry. You can become your own HR manager and can post the opportunity along with all the requirements on the Canlead platform. Candidates will directly connect with you. This way you can lessen the extra cost for hiring HR management service, and the time it would require. Additionally, you can ensure the candidate has the best fit quality for your service by verifying the social reputation data on the blockchain. On the other hand, the candidate gets the best opportunities for them too.

The Canlead platform utilizing social power combining with blockchain technology. People who share and refers opportunities with a good reputation and trust earn a decent amount of CAND token for their contribution. The token economy ensures faster cross-border transaction while reducing the complexity. Additionally, the platform building a leading community with true reputation-based reward where sharing is earning.

The use of Canlead platform & CAND token

From high-tech business owners to real estate agents, social media curator to freelancer anyone and everyone can be benefitted from Canlead platform. It allows users to index new opportunities through a high incentive mechanism to control quality. If you are a host, you can list your service, if you don't have anything to offer, you can refer friends and family by posting other people's services. Also, you can earn by doing this. If you are a real estate agent, you can offer incentives for successful leads to your company. More connection in the network means more leads, more business and more revenue. So, build your network right now with Canlead platform.
Here is a screenshot of officially listed use-case of the platform.

Final Thoughts

Although, people don't like to waste time, and often do not share many known opportunities. An incentivize program could change the situation and help grow a better future by sharing better opportunities for the world. I believe, it is essential to adopt new ideas, business opportunities to sustain our economic growth. Canlead as a decentralized sharing-economy platform could lead us to an improved economic world.

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