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Zebi a blockchain based cloud data service providing maximum security and accessibility to big data users. It is founded by Stanford, Oxfor...

Zebi a blockchain based cloud data service providing maximum security and accessibility to big data users. It is founded by Stanford, Oxford, MIT, and IIT veterans. Experienced leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, and Oracle are involved in the activity. Zebi featured in CNBC, BusinessWire, Forbes, Nasdaq, The Economic Times and many other news media publications. Zebi has physical offices in India, USA, UAE, and Singapore.

Zebi’s Blockchain Solution 

Zebi chain ensures its security by developing a tamperproof and hacker-proof network. Using smart contracts, it allows data sharing through digital signatures and supports greater flexibility of blockchain utilization. Additionally, Zebi supports instant data exchange feature using the DaaS (Data as a Service) APIs. Businesses and individual who works with big data can find Zebi's automated paperless exchange processor truly helpful. No doubt, it's being more efficient to use the service for businesses as transparency is a top priority at Zebi chain. Here is a short list of Zebi platform features using the DaaS service:

  • Utility Record
  • High-Value Transaction Records
  • Property Records
  • Employee Records
  • Healthcare Records

 Zebi protecting the big data by ensuring security during data exchange, those cannot be tampered. With a huge number of nodes hosted globally, Zebi ensures 24x7 uptime of its servers and network connections. Big data is just getting reshaped with huge improvement at Zebi.

The ZCO token 

Zebi has created ZCO token on Ethereum smart contract for easy payment integration for their service. ZCO token is used for all type of payment within the Zebi ecosystem. As of today, there are 625,000,000 ZCO in supply with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 ZCO (as seen on Coinmarketcap). ZCO token is listed in some of the top crypto exchanges including OKEx, Hotbit, Cointiger, and Latoken.

Zebi ecosystem 

Within the solution ecosystem of Zebi, it has several services to offer like the Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway. Zebi Chain stores all necessary data and secure them from being hacked or tampered. On the other hand, Zebi Data Gateway, facilating the data exchange process through a simple registration for individual requestors. For example, if you need to access data from [Zebi platform](https://www.zebi.io/index.html#), you have to register yourself and provide valid data to proof legitimacy before accessing any data from the network. This should be hard unless you are a robot. Zebi currently working to integrate its services with leading blockchain payment gateways.

Why Big Data needs Zebi? 

Millions of dollar worth personal and business information are being leaked every year. These include some large institutions and governments. In some countries, data tampering has a widely used criminal activity to own or claim lands. For example, In South Asian countries, people often create fake papers and tamper other related documents even in some government office. So that they can claim the land which actually not belongs to them. Therefore, data security has become a major concern for most countries. The lack of security in the traditional cloud storage for big data creates high threats of being hacked. Although companies are trying to make everything secure it seems the hackers are smarter than the cloud service developers. This is where Zebi could be helpful to the big data industry. It's expert developers ensure all the security it needs to protect from hackers. At Zebi, hackers are unable to steal any information let alone tamper it. The Zebi aiming to bring several breakthroughs to provide better service in the big data industry. It also aims to improve the service of services like accessing information legitimately from anywhere in the world.

Watch this official video to learn how Zebi works  

Official Links: 

Website: https://www.zebi.io Telegram: https://t.me/ZebiData Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ZebiData Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZebidataIndia LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/7580140 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZebidataIndia 

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