Refine Medium — The decentralized media platform powered by Blockchain Technology

Ever wonder having sharing all your videos over a decentralized platform? Ever wonder finding a better alternative of YouTube where you can...

Ever wonder having sharing all your videos over a decentralized platform? Ever wonder finding a better alternative of YouTube where you can earn without applying through dumbest AdSense monetization? If yes, we are on it, you will be able to share all media and videos on a decentralized platform "Refine Medium". It's a media rendering platform where original contents are rewarded. Also, it will authenticate contents to protect creators rights and ownership.

Refine Medium — The decentralized media platform powered by Blockchain Technology

What is Refine Medium?

Refine Medium is a blockchain based digital media sharing platform, in other words, it's more like a competitive alternative of YouTube. As the definition of Refine Medium has seen on their website here it is"
Refine Medium
"Refine Medium is a decentralized media platform rendering authentic and high quality video content. It is built on top of Ethereum blockchain designed to enable viewers, creators and innovators of the platform to connect via blockchain based smart contracts. A one-of-its-kind platform that will incentivise each and every stakeholder for their contribution to the platform."

Why do I think Refine Medium will be a great platform?

Let's start with the very first thing, I'm a big fan of blockchain and decentralization. And you already know that Refine Medium is a blockchain based platform, and of course, decentralized. That's the first advantage I liked the project. The next thing is its a p2p media sharing protocol so every task will be done much faster than other similar platforms. Also, content creators will be able to get rewarded with tokens, the amount depends on the quality, engagement more different aspects. In YouTube, most users won't pass the monetization criteria as that is a highly centralized company with too many strict rules. So people at "Refine Medium" get the freedom of sharing media and at the same time can earn a decent amount. Stakeholders and viewers of the platform also get rewards, that means users will earn for watching videos. Using the smart-contract "Refine Medium" fair and transparent distribution of tokens and rewards. As I'm just learning about the project, probably I can't write down all pros and cons of the platform but here is a quick short list of what you should know about the "Refine Medium".

  • Blockchain-based platform
  • Decentralized video storage.
  • Easy voting & reward sharing 
  • Stakeholders get rewards
  • Viewers get rewards
  • Validates of authenticity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Copyright management

Refine Medium Token Sale

The platform creating its native token for an easy transaction, rewards, and payment mechanism. To launch the platform successfully and develop further it needs to have funds. Therefore, they are creating ICO, where early contributors will get a bonus.

Token Allocation

A total of 60% tokens which is 180000000 unit of token have been allocated for sale, and the next 20% which is 60000000 tokens have been allocated for the project development and marketing. It's a good sign for any project that has huge funds for developments. Next 10% which is 30000000 unit of tokens have been budgeted for Advisors and Team members. Well, I think that's a huge fund, 5% should be a fair amount for them. Anyway, the next 10% has been split into 2 equal sections which are allocated for Bounty, Airdrops and Reserved funds. Now, that means 15000000 unit of the token has been reserved and 15000000 unit of the token will be used for bounty and airdrops.


Refine Medium has created a long-term roadmap, you can see it on their website. But for reference, I'm giving a screenshot here:
Additionally, they also have a technical roadmap which will lead you to know all the upcoming development of the project, check it out on site. Here is a snap of the technical roadmap:

If you are curious about how the funds would be used, I'm adding a bonus screenshot of Fund allocation by the Refine Medium team.

Official links

Important official links for Refine Medium platform and the project -




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