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Welcome again to read our cryptocurrency blog, this week we will introduce you with a new utility token based on Ethereum erc-20. The name ...

Welcome again to read our cryptocurrency blog, this week we will introduce you with a new utility token based on Ethereum erc-20. The name of the said project is "New Cash Token". NEWC is the native utility cryptocurrency for New Cash Exchange platform. It's a secure place for trading cryptos with Bitcoin.

The group behind this undertaking are dynamic and they began its work with digital currencies working in Bitcoin's p2p trading and besides in the domain of programming advancement. New Cash has developed the codes of its platform from zero, which keeps up a vital separation from the dependence of an outsider on the Exchange task. It is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange arranged in Brasil, in the São Paulo metropolitan zone. It has developed the codes of its platform from zero, which avoid the dependence of an outsider to work. It is an ERC-20 Token dependent on the Ethereum platform and great with any wallet that supports this innovation around the world. Motivating forces, headways, limits, currency postings in the Exchange and more will be progressed through the New Cash Token utility.

The innovation tends to the issues and needs of a cutting edge and creative market. As far as the executives, security, and straightforwardness, the gathering works never-ending and is always careful to all of the considerable number of subtleties of the improvement and backing of the platform.

What the clients ought to anticipate from this venture

1. Education and Awareness 

At the point when the task accomplishes half of the pre-deal, a segment of the tokens sold will be used to cultivate instruction about blockchain and digital forms of money. The objective is to cooperate with other market players to develop educational modules and instructing technique to be used in the certification of specialists for this zone of action.

2. Crypto ATM 

Exactly when the task accomplishes 80% of stage 1, a bit of the token sold will be used to set up an arrangement of ATMs of Bitcoin and different Cryptocurrencies actualized at the tact of New Cash Exchange in fundamental zones in Brazil.

3. Listing NEWC in different exchanges 

The gathering behind NEWC Token affirms the obligation to work for the posting of the Token in various Exchanges, in order to offer an increasingly significant degree for the task the extent that liquidity, market, accessibility and to improve its potential valuation. The objective is for NEWC to have its achieve broadened achieved provincial limits and strongly influence the overall market by one way or another or another.

NEWC Token will have its esteem fixing to the New Cash Exchange so everyone who joins on the Token site can use a comparative email and secret key to sign in to New Cash Exchange consequently.

The NEWC Token 

NEWC is an ERC-20, which infers it's a token subject to Ethereum's development. There will be 400 million units that will an instructive module in 3 unmistakable minutes, a pre-deal looked for after by two phases. NEWC token is advancing its holder's entrance to limits on charges, items, substance, and events advanced by the New Cash Exchange. NEWC Token will similarly fill in as currency for ventures that need to list their very own monetary forms and tokens on our platform and will fill in as a reward for dynamic clients.

Token Details 

Name: New Cash Token
Ticker: NewC
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Pre-deal begin: eighth November 2018
Reward: During the pre-deal, the purchaser will gain a 15% reward on the volume of NEWC Tokens obtained.
Pre-Sale will go on until the total closeout of the initial 70 million NEWC Tokens. Stages 1 and 2 will most recent 60 days at most or until the total closeout of all tokens bound to every single one of them.

The NEWC Token will be sold legitimately through the and might be obtained utilizing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum

Team Member

The Roadmap

Team Member

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