SmartFox - a blockchain-based decentralized cloud data storage solutions

SmartFox is a pioneer in the world of blockchain-based decentralized cloud data storage solutions. SmartFox provides reliable storage of t...

SmartFox is a pioneer in the world of blockchain-based decentralized cloud data storage solutions. SmartFox provides reliable storage of text information, media files, and even websites, as well as rewards users in exchange for sharing their disk space!

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Storage of information is absolutely private and confidential. All data is encrypted, and no one except for the user who uploads information and has a special cryptographic key, can get access to it.

Fast upload of files to the cloud storage

Due to its decentralized nature, the upload speed to SmartFox is limited only by the max. speed on the user’s end, which means the user can quickly upload confidential data to the cloud storage if necessary.

Profit for sharing free disk space 

The use of SmartFox is not just safe, reliable and convenient, but also economically justified: every MB of your free disk space brings you good profits with zero risks!

High security and reliability 

Since all information is shared among the SmartFox network members, there is no single data storage device by accessing which an attacker could restore the whole text or file. With SmartFox, data theft and fraud is technically impossible. Moreover, the failure of one or several nodes does not affect the availability of information and operation of the decentralized cloud storage.


Traffic is distributed over a number of channels, which makes tracing and blocking almost impossible. SmartFox provides the ability to store files of any content, including files that would be blocked by authorities if they were in free public access on a centralized resource.

SmartFox Development Stages

Stage One

The development of the masternode network up to 1000 masternodes, which is a solid basis for the future development of SmartFox. The rapid development of the masternode network is ensured by the high profitability at the initial stage and aggressive promotion in social media, including bounty campaigns.

Stage Two

1000 masternodes provide sufficient redundancy for the network stable operation. In other words, renters are insured against unreliable disk space providers. Stage II goes along with the release of the beta version of wallets with an inbuilt sharing (renting) option, which in fact allows all FOX holders use the cloud data storage technologies. At the same time, masternode owners receive some privileges and bonuses.

Stage Three

Steady development and expansion of the SmartFox platform functionality, including the ability to store media files and use the decentralized cloud hosting for websites with own DNS.

Additional Benefits for SmartFox Masternode Owners

By its nature, the SmartFox cloud storage is a decentralized network of masternodes that ensure its smooth, high-level operation.
Masternode owners receive by 10% increased profits for sharing their free disk space compared to other FOX owners. This additional remuneration is fair and will promote the increase in the number of mastenodes along with better decentralization and security of the cloud storage.

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