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Midas is a platform for passive crypto-income. When people think about making money in the crypto-sphere, they are frequently thinking abo...

Midas is a platform for passive crypto-income.
When people think about making money in the crypto-sphere, they are frequently thinking about day trading. The high-risk feature of daily trading with crypto has led several people to refer newcomers to investing in masternodes.

Getting in early on the appropriate altcoin and monitoring their investment skyrocket is the dream of several crypto enthusiasts, but there are several other means to generate an income in the space. Long-term investment holding, staking, coin mining, all of these can be profitable to the enterprising user.

Midas platform's primary goal is to make an easy way to earn money in crypto with any initial investments or even without any.

Midas supports more than 40 masternode coins. To choose between them you need to consider their price, return on investment, project idea, team, etc.

Send your coins to Midas, and we will assign them to our masternodes. You will get your first profit just in a few hours. You can choose to reinvest rewards to increase your share with compound interest. You have full control of your coins. Feel free to buy more shares or withdraw them any time.

Is It Safe To Invest In Masternodes

Masternodes Shares necessitate you to transfer your coins to the person who will run the Masternodes, so it is unsafe if you are transferring your coins to someone you do not know.
When you are determined to invest in a shared masternode with someone else, please ensure that:

The person has a good repute, and already hosting some shared masternodes. (this still doesn’t mean your coins are safe)
The person has an automated system to transfer the coins back to you in case something unexpected occurred to them (deadman switch).
That the person knows how to do the payouts and run a masternode
They have proof of what’s mentioned above!
Those are general precautions, in the end, it is your own responsibility and we are not responsible for any investment you do with other people.

Shared Managed Masternodes

Meanwhile, if you do not have sufficient money to initiate a masternode, you can purchase a share of it to receive rewards relative to the amount invested. Shares are the best means to diversify your risks in high volatile masternode market. Midas has unique features that will help you to analyze projects, diversify risks and build a steady portfolio for passive income. Midas provides services for sharing /splitting and managing Masternodes. Masternodes are servers that operate blockchain technology and gets rewards by doing so.

At Midas, you may participate in an IMO (Initial Masternode Offering). Basically, this is buying a share in a Masternode server. Midas will manage the setup and maintenance of the Masternode.

Multiple Payouts A Day

It gives an opportunity to react in time to price movements. We will take care of setup, maintenance, and monitoring while we let you sit back and enjoy the rewards!

On the whole, masternodes could shape the future of the crypto economy. They provide an amazing means of earning passive income without significant effort, and if the value of cryptocurrencies in the future is worth more than it is today, whoever that is operating masternode and probably select the right coin at the right time could ultimately turn it into a profitable venture.

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