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Today, we are happy to announce the official release of the wysker app for iOS and Android . Our vision is to create the most relevant pr...

Today, we are happy to announce the official release of the wysker app for iOS and Android. Our vision is to create the most relevant product catalogue with an experience for ultimate entertainment. With our unique sourcing technology, we are already able to pull products from over 1'000 global online stores and bring them into exciting discovery journeys - with more shops added every day. All drawn information and pictures are processed and modified to put the products in the most beautiful display possible.

You might ask, how do we create a constant high personal relevance for you? We came up with an entirely new user experience to shop on mobile. It is designed to identify your style rather than giving you simple product recommendations. wysker is going to act as a smart shopping friend that identifies your taste and learns over time. We now enter a new chapter of mobile shopping — driven by the intelligent new friend in your pocket.



With the wysker browsing experience, you are able to discover a myriad of products from clothes over toys and gadgets to furniture. The product journey will constantly be optimised and improved to fit your taste. Our editors curate the wysker catalogue based on “streams” consisting of 5 to 15 visually alike products. You can explore these streams by pulling up the wysker button. All streams are looped — this means if you reach the last product of a stream, it will start over again with product one. By moving the wysker button to the right, you enter the next product stream loop and so on. Ultimately, the journey never ends.


The notification center is where wysker lives. It has the purpose to provide you with a channel to engage with your personal wysker. By interacting with two-way notifications, playing games, and completing quizzes, you are able to communicate with and train it. The more you interact with your wysker, the more relevant the user experience becomes. wysker’s home will constantly surprise you with new formats, instant results, daily news, and updates. What you can now see in the app is just a fraction of what is possible in the future. Turn on your notifications to not miss out on new actions every day.


Stories put product streams into a cultural context. All stories consist of a least eight themed product streams put together much like a playlist. Here, wysker strives to stay atop of current and trending topics to keep the app relevant for you. When a story is especially exciting, you have the option to turn it into a GIF and share it on social media. This is an especially unique aspect since sharing stories tells a whole different story than simply sharing a single product. At the top of the explore screen, you can also search for specific brands or product streams and browse through various categories.


If you drop the wysker button to take a closer look, you have two options to proceed with a product: You either enter a shop directly with a hard-press (iOS) / long-press (Android) or collect the products you like in your personal wyshlist by double tapping on them. This way, you can keep track of all the awesome things you find while wyskering. Especially with your birthday or other special events coming up, this is the ideal form of sharing your interests with your family and friends. For this feature, our goal for the future is to make the buying process as easy as possible. The current wyshlist is the first step into that direction.


You are able to earn wys tokens for referrals, achieved levels, challenges, and app usage. In the future, you will be able to use wys tokens for discounts at partnering shops. Start collecting already - token bonuses will be higher in the beginning.


wysker stands for the new way to shop online. Time’s up for the average tile design of shopping websites and apps. Watch the comparison below and judge for yourself

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