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KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong. KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the coins that the exchange uses to conduct fees. Just how Bina...

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange from Hong Kong. KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the coins that the exchange uses to conduct fees. Just how Binance uses BNB, KuCoin uses KCS, which offers you a discount when it comes to trading fees. Perhaps the biggest difference between these exchanges is that KuCoin shares 90% of its trading fees with the current users who own KCS.

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KuCoin has an amazing user interface which makes it easy for new users to become accommodated to. It automatically loads the best price and gives you a rough estimate of how many coins you can get which helps prevent fat fingers like the ones commonly seen on etherdelta.

KuCoin Exchange Features

Highly Secured Wallet — KuCoin has made sure its wallet stays tightly secured with multiple layers of encryption. They have an offline wallet which is secured by a bank.

24/7 Customer Support — It’s easy to get connected with a customer support specialist at any time. You can get in contact with them through WeChat, Telegram or their slack.

Passive Income — As mentioned before you do receive dividends for holding their token. Since they share nearly 90% of their trading fee’s as their volume increases so will the amount you receive.

Early Opportunity On Coins — Since they often list coins before other exchanges you can be one of the very few to invest in coins before anyone else. Their recent listing was Red Pulse Token (RPX) which had huge success as it nearly doubled a couple hours after it was listed.

The team behind KuCoin is a team of highly regarded individuals.

CEO: Michael Gan — A former employee of Ant Financial (Alibaba Group) Michael has the experience when it comes to understanding financial solutions. Some other notable members are (COO) Eric Don, (CTO) Top Lan, (OMD) Kent Li, (President of Business Operators) John Lee and (Head of Marketing) Jack Zhu.

Potential Concerns

-Unfortunately, KuCoin currently offers no way of converting your coin to USD so you’ll have to send it to another exchange to put it back into your bank account
-There is a competitive market. With the likes of other exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, and a couple others they face strong competition. Luckily KuCoin has gotten into a niche where new coins and coin pairs come out first

KuCoin Review Summary

KuCoin is a successful cryptocurrency exchange that has carved a nice niche for itself. With its referral program and with its wonderful use of the KCS coin it’s getting more and more popular. Using a referral program with very strong rewards it basically has its users doing all of its marketing. If you want to make sure you get into coins early before they get into more popular exchanges and increase in price then I highly recommend using KuCoin.

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