Kimex Exchange: A decentralized binary options based on blockchain

One of the greatest inventions in the 21st century is the blockchain technology which has brought about new ways of doing things all over t...

One of the greatest inventions in the 21st century is the blockchain technology which has brought about new ways of doing things all over the world. The decentralized mode of operations of the blockchain technology has made the difference as it brought about faster, better and secured way of transaction.

There is a project on the blockchain network that is known as Kimex exchange which will make a whole lot of difference in a binary option model. It comes with better, faster and more profitable way using the blockchain for exchange.

What is Kimex?

Kimex is a decentralized binary options platform based on Blockchain
The motto of Kimex is better, faster, stronger because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors. Their KYC process and withdrawals will be the fastest in the market that has ever seen.

All funds are safe on the platform since the funds are are stored on the ethereum blockchain. Unlike the situation where traders lose all their money when broker company shuts down or runs away with traders money. That could be the worst situation which many traders face.

Features of Kimex

Decentralized platform

Kimex is a decentralized exchange, transactions are not monitored by any third parties in order to ensure fair play. The client's money is not kept in a trusted account as required by government financial regulations. Decentralization makes kimex to be a perfect exchange which cannot be hacked or susceptible to any form of external intrusion.


One of the hallmarks of is transparency. The platform make room for probity and tracking and ensure that all transactions are open on the blockchain ledger. Therefore every transaction and bankroll funds are viewable on the blockchain which is ethereum blockchain.

No manipulation

Kimex ensures that traders get guaranteed payout if they win. Just as we know that small change can influence the result of a trade. So, by the virtue of using, no body can influence or change the price data just as it is being placed by smart contract and stored in blockchain.


Safety is first on the as all capitals are much safe on platform. Kimex cannot get into or tamper with the capital since all the funds have been stored on the ethereum blockchain network. So there is no fear on the part of the investors and traders as their capitals are well secured on the blockchain.


Kimex was established by a group of financial professionals and experts that share a cumulative experience of over 15 years in the international financial management, OTC markets.

User-friendly platform

KIMEX.IO wants to create a people-oriented platform that encourages traders to use its user-friendly platform. Kimex will offer around 85% payouts, which is among the top payouts anyone can get from the binary solutions market.

P2P Marketplace will make use of (Peer-2-Peer) P2P marketplace. In this model, traders will have the ability to position their stakes against bankrollers. And on the other hand, KMX holders will get money as commerce prices are paid by retailers instead of out of shaving stock.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Kimex makes use of artificial intelligence in its operations for easy and seamless use of the platform. The artificial intelligence deploys the algorithm of past preference for easy and automatic matching, computation and other purposes.

Mobile APP has a mobile application which takes subsequent to the progress of the automatic exchanging platform and also creates a more frequent and smoother mobile-client encounter. In the mobile app, the exchange site have similar looks. Kimex application is both on i-OS and Android


Indeed is a better, faster and stronger decentralized binary option platform built on the blockchain with all the features it has which make it the best platform.

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