Bravo -- The Decentralized Payment Platform of the Future

 Finding themselves unable to tip their wilderness guide after an unforgettable hike in Utah, the founders of Bravo set off on a journey ...

 Finding themselves unable to tip their wilderness guide after an unforgettable hike in Utah, the founders of Bravo set off on a journey not create a simpler, more secure payment platform. With big players like Venmo (paypal), Facebook and WeChat already existing it may seem like there is no need for another payment processor. However, upon further investigation the world may need just one (or many) more payment options. While newer options like Venmo offer convenience and legitimate usability they fail to provide privacy and security options that can be offered through a Blockchain platform. This is where Bravo comes into play. Bravo originally launched a traditional payment service, targeting various niches in order to gain traction. Now that they have an established customer base and verified proof of concept they are focusing on adding in additional functionality to their product with a standalone Blockchain platform. Aiming to launch in 2019, the Bravo platform will allow users to easily, securely, and anonymously send and receive payments between individuals with all transactions being recorded on the Bravo Blockchain.

Bravo Token Sale 

Bravo is currently holding a public token sale. They have created 1,000,000,000 BVO tokens that exist as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have made 50% of all tokens available for sale during their public and private token sales while retaining the remainder of the tokens for the team, advisers, various promotions as well as an undefined reserve to be tapped in the future. With 10’s of thousands of active users and millions of dollars in transactions processed, Bravo is an established company who is now holding an ICO. With the majority of ICO’s having little more than a website and white paper, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase tokens, or ownership, in a company that is established, proven and focused on a quickly growing vertical.

Bravo has received excellent reviews across the board. (INSERT PICTURE) Receiving a 4.4 from ICObench, and high scores from various other ICO review platforms, it is pretty evident that many people agree that Bravo will be successful (or at least hope so). The are currently holding their Public Token Sale which will run until November 30th or they reach their hard cap of $34,700,000. Currently BVO tokens are being sold at the rate of 1 BVO = $.10 USD; however, they have various discounts available up to 20% (public sale) or 45% (private sale).

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