ABP (Autonomous Broadcasting Program) Network — Star World’s First TV Channel on Blockchain

The past few months have witnessed a massive growth in the existence of Decentralized applications on blockchains. Developers have started ...

The past few months have witnessed a massive growth in the existence of Decentralized applications on blockchains. Developers have started integrating blockchain into everyday activities and it benefits have even been immensely appreciated. From blockchains designed to facilitate game payment like Cato and C2p, down to others with dual functionality like Gentarium and Mastercoin.

This uprising - The rise of the DAPPS as I call it - has taken a new dimension on the ABP platform in form of a WebTv


 ABP is the first decentralized TV channel built on a blockchain platform that allows users choose what they want to watch. It's basically like a regular TV except that it has amazing features that can only be made possible by its integration into a blockchain platform


On your regular TV channels at home and even on cable TV like Netflix and the likes, viewers have to pick from a selection of movies offered by the Channel. The Channels decides what they want to show and the viewers have to pick from the options the channel decides to present to them.

ABP, on the other hand, is completely decentralized in the sense that users of the platform decide what they want through a voting process.


Those that want to put their content on the platform will be able to do so via a process called Initial Video Offering. A summary explaining what their content offers will be placed on the platform and users will be able to vote.


Now this is where it gets interesting. The IVOs will be put on the platform and the ones that receive majority votes will be allowed to stream on the platform. Only special users will be able to vote for the videos that will be streamed on the platform. These special people are the masternode owners. ABP has made provisions to give masternode owners a reason to remain, masternode owners, as they will be the voice of the people on the platform. Every masternode owner will have the right to vote for the content to be featured on the platform. So it's in the best interest of anyone and everyone that wants to have a significant share in ABP to get their masternodes now. The use-case of the ABP platform is designed in such a way that the platform will always have value!

Masternode owners will also have the right to choose which projects to fund on the platform using the 15% dedicated to governance, available from Block rewards. This simply means the masternode owners will be able to vote on where a shipload of money will be spent and on which project it will be spent on! Need I say more???


The ABP platform will make use of a TV box that can be installed in your PVI at home and will be equipped with a remote control as shown in the image below. This is something big!


As from Next month, the ABP online platform will go live and content will begin to be streamed on the platform. So those who want to get their content on the first blockchain television channel can now start booking spaces now before its gets really competitive.


Never worry, you will still get access to premium content streamed on the platform for FREE. Rather than a monthly or yearly payment like Netflix and other TV platforms out there, you will be able to watch exciting and premium content FOR FREE! That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Check out the Coin Specs For ABP below:

Symbol : ABP
Max Supply : 21,000,000 ABP
Network : PoS 3.0
MN Colateral : 1,000 ABP
POS : 10%
MN : 70%
Governance: 15%
Developer: 5%
Premine : 1,050,000(5%)
Block size : 2 MB
Block rewards: 2 to 10 variable
Block Time : 60 Seconds (Re-targeting every block)
RPC port : 5426
P2P port : 5427
Fast Send : FastTX
Minimum Stake Age : 3 hours
Transaction Fee : 0.001 ABP
Coin Emission Rate : Maximum 1 ABP/block
Coin Supply Control : All transaction and z minting fees are burnt from coin supply.
Confirmations : 6 confirms
Privacy Technology : Zerocoin Protocol
Accumulator Encryption : RSA-2048
Key Features : Custom accumulator check-pointing system
Fees mint and spend : 0.01 ABP per minted zABP denomination, and no fee to spend zABP to ABP

The first round of Pre-sale is already over (that's how fast people snatched up the masternodes). The masternode sales will be held on the official ABP discord server here. The rest if the masternodes not sold in the first round will be sold through a series of auctions as follows:

There will be 10 auctions on different dates and in different timezones. This will permit everyone to get a chance to participate. There will be 2 Masternodes available for auction at those specific times.

This is done in such a way that everyone around the world will have an equal chance to grab an ABP masternode before its too late. Immediately ABP goes on exchange (in less than 10 days), the price is sure to climb and then it will be too late for you to get at a low price.


Website: https://abpnetwork.io
Telegram: https://t.me/abpnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/abpnetworkio
Facebook: https://fb.me/abpnetworkio
Discord: https://discord.gg/39J9FQp
Github: https://github.com/abpnetwork
Wallets: https://github.com/ABPnetwork/ABP/releases/latest

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