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What is Masternode A computer that processes transactions on the blockchain, which is then rewarded with coins from the blocks created.” ...

What is Masternode

A computer that processes transactions on the blockchain, which is then rewarded with coins from the blocks created.”

In blockchain technology, there are three commonly-known types of nodes: the ordinary node, the full node, and the masternode.

The difference between a masternode and a node are their responsibilities.


Coin2Play is a decentralized asset transfer platform that uses the Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) book chain technology invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.
Such technology has become increasingly popular due to the adoption of Bitcoin and other similar platforms.

Coin2Play C2P Specification - https://coin2play.io/
Name: Coin2Play
Ticker: C2P
Premine: 500.000 C2P
Max. Supply: 50,000,000 C2P
Algo: Quark
Block Time: 60sec
Min.Stake Age: 15 Min
MN Collateral: 10.000 C2P
Rate: Masternode 65% / Stake 35%

C2P dev team provide a high-quality product and experience, we can enjoy all the social networks, and talk with the devs and the comunnity They know cryptocurrency can appear complicated, but it doesn't have to be.
Exciting developments are coming down the line, including exchange listings, and a lot of amazing services.

C2P Masternodes

Instant transactions - Instant Send on the network.
Private Transactions this implement the functionality to hide your identity when making transactions.
Protect the blockchain

The C2P MN Holders earn an impressive 65% reward really high for a MN, and we cant forget that masternode helps the blockchain to stay secure, fast, and also strong against any 51% attack so Demand is high, and even pre-launch auctions attracted a lot of attention on this project.

Coin2Play (C2P) It's the most profitable cryptocurrency

MN are essential for the running of some cryptocurrencies such as DASH. Users that host MN are rewarded for their work through the daily provision of freshly mined coins which have a value determined by the market.

If the blockchain were a factory:

Ordinary nodes are the factory workers. Ordinary nodes (simply called, nodes) are the foundation of a cryptocurrency, and their purposes are to prevent double spending and to secure the blockchain.
Nodes are rewarded by contributing to block creation and network consensus. In PoW, nodes are miners and in PoS, nodes are staking wallets.

Full nodes are the factory foremen.

Full nodes contain the entire copy of the blockchain in real-time, whereas an ordinary node does not contain any such copy. Full nodes can also connect to over 124 other nodes while an ordinary node can only connect to 8.

Masternodes are the factory managers.

Masternodes are full nodes with extra capabilities — they perform different types of services, such as Instant Send, Private Send, and storage of the full blockchain, for which they receive block rewards. Masternodes are full nodes in both PoW and PoS.
A masternode is a server on a decentralized network which is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes cannot.

Why own a COIN2PLAY masternode?

It is extremely useful to have many servers holding a full copy of the blockchain working for the native coin. Apart from directly contributing to the coin’s ecosystem and security, masternode operators will be awarded with larger portions of block rewards as compared to normal nodes due to their increased capabilities and responsibilities. The masternode system provides its native coin an advantage over volunteer-run blockchains, with its thousands of distributed servers working 24x7.

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