WPP Energy Platform in Blockchain Technology

WPP Energy is a blockchain based solution for a cost effective and network incentive-based structure to help shift from fossil fuels to ef...

WPP Energy is a blockchain based solution for a cost effective and network incentive-based structure to help shift from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewable.
WPP Energy is the native token for a decentralized application where presumes, consumers and other distributed energy resources can connect and configure their energy resources.

WPP Energy industry is one of the oldest industries with historical growth consistency in a Crypto Platform, market operation company is a decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency, And the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations all over the world. And also blockchain and smart contracts serve as the way forward into the Industrial use, creating economies of scale and potentially aggregating supply. Decentralized manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, secure and economically sound for more participants in a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem.

WPP Energy is an organization that arrangements with the use of leap forward clean vitality innovations. This point is exceptionally encouraging and alluring around the world. Have you caught wind of a worldwide temperature alteration? This is additionally identified with power age. Spillage of carbon monoxide into the climate and contaminate the earth.

GLOBAL GREEN ENERGY PLATFORM will be deployed in late Q3 2018 to capture power production data from Green Energy producers around the world. The Green Energy Producers participating in the platform are ready to provide power at wholesale prices to those institutions and private consumers seeking clean power production around the world at reduced prices from traditional prices. WPP's own global power production data will also be streamed into the platform.

WPP Energy is the digital currency that provides the medium of exchange for transactions on the Grid platform. While, The Grid is a mobile and desktop application that serves as the open source database of energy transactions for network participants.
Distribution of energy resources such as solar, storage, energy efficiency, and demand management can be aggregated to provide services to the electric grid and therefore generate value that should be compensated at the edges of the electrical grid where most people interface.
WPP has a solution under development that will produce 1 to 2.5MW/h of electricity. This stand-alone Power Station requires only a water line hook-up and can be delivered anywhere in the world . This product will demonstrate WPP's market leadership to help solve a massive energy crisis by using WPP’s existing proven technology to establish WPP as the world’s preferred power supply source for cryptocurrency miners, delivering a variety of clean and inexpensive power solutions to the doorstep of small, medium and large mining operations.

Some portion of this expansion popular will incorporate power produced from petroleum derivatives, sustainable power sources will build their piece of the overall industry because of the presentation of imaginative advancements and achievements gave by WPP ENERGY.

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