FluzFluz - A Cashback Network Bridging The Gap Between Retailers And Crypto

I'm always looking for projects that add value to people and myself. Every day I'm looking for promising projects in the crypto spa...

I'm always looking for projects that add value to people and myself. Every day I'm looking for promising projects in the crypto space that seem to have a legit project going on. It's a space that I have learned to navigate after more than 3 years of investing in crypto and ICO's. The other day I stumbled upon Fluz Fluz, a cashback network where users can earn an instant return on their purchase when shopping online, in-store, online gift cards and additionally through a built-in co-op Cashback Network.

Right now they have already a successful business in Colombia with a user base of 100,000 people, and more than 200+ retailers, including Nike, Uber, and Disney among others. This is pretty amazing, right? Colombia. It's so easy to just think about South Korea and Japan when it comes to the tokenized future. But amazing projects are happening all over the world.

FluzFluz is right now expanding their successful venture and entering the US market.

In order to gather funds for expansion, FluzFluz issued its FLUZ ERC-20 tokens and in December 2017 had its ICO fundraising event. The 20 million dollar target hard cap was reached in less than two weeks!

Fluz Fluz is aiming to disrupt the traditional shopping experience through an alternate, more rewarding avenue. In the current Fluz Fluz consumer network model, all participants make money, thereby creating high consumer stickiness and a sustainable business model.

What Are FLUZ Token Utilities?

The primary function is that everyone with sufficient FLUZ token holdings will be able to claim FluzFluz network TIER seats.

When the network seat activation ends, the tokens will provide an additional core functionality to the FluzFluz cashback network. Every user holding Fluz tokens will be able:

To activate DOUBLE cashback for their purchase. Even for previously made purchases (up to 14 days)

Gift these tokens to your seat network - to a specific person or to the whole network. By doing so, the user will stimulate cost-effective spending in his network and will get more cash back to himself.

More utilities will be revealed soon!

Follow them and ask questions in their global community telegram group

And that's it. My take on this after doing research on it, evaluating the team and their project is that this is not only a legit project but a very promising one too.

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