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The invention of the blockchain has changed so many aspects of our lives forevermore. Whether we agree or disagree with that claim is a mat...

The invention of the blockchain has changed so many aspects of our lives forevermore. Whether we agree or disagree with that claim is a matter of personal conviction, which no matter what that conviction is will just equal plain denial if it doesn't accept that the blockchain is changing and will continue to change facets of our lives that are directly and indirectly linked even in the tiniest of ways to technology. But in the disagreement of what the blockchain has or has not changed, there is a sector that every sane human has to agree has been changed and will continue to change with respect to the blockchain. That sector is finance, and more specifically payments.

The first mainstream cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. And since then payments have been made all across the globe that didn't require an intermediary(bank, SWIFT, Paypal etc). While it has become commonplace to use a "coin" or "token" to pay for services, there is a lot that goes into making that possible and also making the experience as painless and natural as can be.

Giga is focused on that reason we all fell in love with the blockchain - decentralized payments and anonymity. The blockchain has made it possible for a user in the Maldives for instance, to send value to another user in say, the United Kingdom. All this is made possible by the best of distributed computing at work. But any work output requires a work input and usually this has led to high transaction fees and slow transfer rates due to congestion in the respective blockchain networks. Giga's technology is offering everyday payments on the blockchain that are very fast, anonymous, cheap and most importantly, decentralized. The GIGA network is powered by masternodes and stakeholders in a truly decentralized network, driven by the community. Also the Giga blockchain is built on the original Bitcoin technology, with code specific to Giga that enhances speed and low cost transfers.

Other Giga projects in the pipeline include mobile wallets, community governance, atomic swaps, e-commerce plugins, a Giga cryptocard, Ledger/Trezor implementation and more to be announced later. Currently, just days after launch the development team have already managed to release desktop wallets for the Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems; A fully functional web wallet and a working block explorer. The aforementioned mobile(Android & iOS) wallets are currently being developed and will be released in the coming days. The current Masternode pre-sale has been largely successful as listing fees for the Cryptobridge exchange platform have already been paid and other budgets are continually being settled.

While the current pre-sale is still on, It wont remain so for long, so interested parties are advised to act fast and seize the opportunity as the price is definitely not what it would be when the exchange listings go live.

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