Strykz Token for Football Fans

As football’s popularity continues to soar, the new audience types it attracts need to be reached by clubs alongside the traditional die-ha...

As football’s popularity continues to soar, the new audience types it attracts need to be reached by clubs alongside the traditional die-hard supporter. Strykz aims to enhance fan engagement among football clubs by targeting football fans by fantasy sports games.

Currently, the Strykz team is operating the game Football-Stars, which is available on iOS and Google Play Store. The Strykz token will be utilized to provide end-to-end traceable in-game transactions such as buying coins and recieving reward schemes by using the Strykz token in the Football Stars platform. Furthermore, token holders can access new features prior to release date. Alongside, the token holders will be given access to the VIP club, which has numerous incentives such as receiving unique in-game items and fan items.

Strykz token is blockchain's pioneer in the fantasy sports industry and it will likely encourage others to assimilate the blockchain into their fantasy sport games. It likely a similar token could be used by other fantasy sports games in the near future.

How will Stryking Attain Quick Progress?

Stryking has three levels of platform services which is the Partial platform, White Label Deployment and PaaS integration.

Firstly, the Partial platform will enable the customer to rapidly build his own mini game. This makes players in charge of the gaming experience. In a perfect situation, games are just player to player experiences and the Partial platform makes this possible.

Secondly, the White Label Deployment will enable the user to use the Football Stars code base and create local sports application. This makes the same token extendable to potentially multiple services. This benefits token holders because they can use the token for several games, access new VIP features that others would provide, and have more player to player experiences in other formats.

Lastly, the PaaS integration will empower users to build any sort of fantasy game by using Stryking PaaS backend and database services. By offering such services, Stryking will be having rapid growth in the near future by easing the users difficulties and problems. Strykz will be targeting online fan shop, football clubs, fantasy sports platforms to increase their growth over the time. Strykz aims to bring the fans as close as possible to their football clubs and engage them. To conclude, Strykz is the first of its kind token in the market and it has high chances of being adopted by users in such a lucrative football industry.

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